What Do You Need To Know About LED Canopy Lights?


Either indoors or outdoors, LED Canopy Lights function best. Particularly designed for archways, damp locations, porches, etc., these lights have the ability to light up any place that is exposed to low or no natural light. During a harsh rainstorm or windy sandstorm, these lights function best and show no malfunction. This is because these lights have a weatherproof shield over them which protects them from any natural harm, and they function without error. If someone is willing to buy lights for their porches or attics or any other damp place, LED Canopy Lights are the finest commercial lighting fixtures he needs.

Are LED Canopy Lights Equipped With Motion Sensors?

Although all LED Canopy Lights are not equipped with motion sensors, yet, all of these lights have the option to add one. They are designed in such a manner that they have the capability to install a motion sensor with them. Motion sensors function in such a way that they detect any movement in a small range and switch on or turn off the lights accordingly. They result in saving on electricity which ultimately saves us on electricity bills. This feature not only saves us money but also gives us a sense of modern aesthetic culture which everyone craves.

What Kind Of Beam Do LED Canopy Lights Offer?

It often occurs that the beam of light is uneven. This can be usually seen in traditional lighting luminaires, and it gives a sensation of discomfort to the human eye. LED Canopy Lights are equipped with a special kind of lens called an acrylic lens. These lenses have the capability to even the beam of light. The light is evenly distributed across the room and has no uneven intensity. Mostly all traditional lights do not possess these lenses, which results in an unclear and uneven beam of light.

Where To Place LED Canopy Lights?

LED Canopy Lights can be placed in a number of places, including both indoor and outdoor areas. One can place them in workshops, parking garages, walkways, storefronts, attics, cover docks, etc., if placed indoors. These lights can also be placed outdoors in areas like gas stations, low bays, accent lighting, etc. if placed outdoors. These lights function best irrespective of the place or height at which they are placed.

What Is A Photocell In LED Canopy Light?

A photocell is a system that detects sunlight and further functions according to it. LED Canopy Lights are also equipped with photocells. These photocells are basically used in LED Lights that are placed outdoors, as they require direct sunlight to function. What photocells basically do is turn on the lights when the sun sets and turns off the lights when the sun rises. Thus once installed, one needs not worry about keeping a check on lights. This feature allows us to save a healthy amount on our electricity bills and also on maintenance charges, as no work is required to change the buttons which are damaged due to regular use.


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